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The City is my Gallery

various London locations

November 20 2022 -

a mixture of media

Wynwood Days

Wynwood Art District

London E17

September 18 - October 30 2022

an exhibition of prints, drawings and Eco Smiths

This venue & exhibition is on the William Morris Design Line, a community-focused design route in Walthamstow, E17.

My 59th two 'n' eight

2nd Locker Exhibition

London SE1

February 15 2022 - November 22 2022

Somewhere in South London....an exhibition of drawings, prints and collages.

Post Pop Pin-ups

Coppermill Lane

London E17

March 2021 – September 2022

An exhibition of prints and drawings in a free book library

Eco Smith

Locker Exhib

London SE1

Dec 2020 - March 2021

A collection of comics celebrating Eco Smith's 2nd anniversary

Idris in Ink

The Deli café, Walthamstow Village

London E17

July 20 2020 - December 2020

An exhibition of drawings of Idris Elba, other film and tv stars..and friends

A Fortnight in Formosa

Two weeks in Taiwan

The Deli café, Walthamstow Village

London E17

June 20 2018 - July 2020

An exhibition of ink drawings and prints celebrating a trip to Taiwan

Back on the Shelf

The Library Pub

London N1

October 18 2017

A one-night only solo exhibition of Drawings, Paintings and Prints on paper and pub paraphernalia. This show is a sequel to 2013’s One Night Stand

Beyond the Shallows

Flaxon Ptootch Salon & Gallery

London NW5

November 3 - December 1 2016

Further exploration of 'The Shallows' exhibition concept, featuring ink drawings and prints inspired by films, tv....and passers-by!

The Shallows and other pictures

The Deli café, Walthamstow Village

London E17

September 3 2016 - June 20 2018

An exhibition of ink drawings and prints inspired by films, tv ...and passers-by!

Reel Prints

James Bond Group Show

Hackney Picturehouse


November 5 - November 11 2015

Local artists exhibit 007-inspired art in a lounge bar setting

Wall of Shadows

The Old Dairy Pub


Oct 21 2014 - Jan 20 2015

A solo exhibition of film-inspired prints

One-Night Stand

The Old Dairy Pub


August 21 2013

A one-evening only solo exhibition of Drawings & Paintings on packaging and pub paraphernalia

An Exhibition of Film-related Prints 2

Curzon Renoir


June - July 2012

One-person show in one of the capital's finest independent cinemas

An Exhibition of Film-related Prints

Curzon Soho


April 2012

One-person show in the popular central London cinema

MA Fine Art Degree Show

London Metropolitan University


September 2011


Mile End Pavilion


December 2010

Fourteen artists from the B.A and M.A at London Metropolitan University exhibited at this mixed-media show

Group Show

St. Pancras Crypt


December 2008

Prints, paintings and sculpture by 12 London Metropolitan university students

'Jay's Open Studio'

Bow Arts Trust


June 2008

Seven artists displayed pieces in Sayshun Jay's studio

BA Fine Art Degree Show

London Metropolitan University


May 2008

The final year students' showcase

Group Show

Lilian Bishop School of English


December 2004 – June 2006

This exhibition of drawings featured the Japanese artist Takahiro Motegi's impressions of England and my impressions of Japan.


My practice is predominantly based in print and I produce woodcuts, linocuts and screen prints - or a combination of these media. I'm often inspired by films: for example the woodcut 'Maggie and Tony' depicts Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung in a scene from Wong Kar-Wai's 'In the mood for love' and the screen print 'Hero' is an impression of Zhang Ziyi from Zhang Yimou's 'Hero'.

I love the barbaric nature of wood and lino cuts and I'm greatly influenced by the Expressionist woodcuts of Frans Masereel and Erich Heckel and the work of Neo-expressionist Georg Baselitz.

My prints interact with text too - in 'Bronson on a Japanese ticket' a sketch of the eponymous film star is drawn over Japanese lettering.

I also produce ink drawings, which often react to existing printed text (as in 'John McEnroe') or Sudoku grids that I have screen printed (for example: 'Woman on train'). The expressive quality of my drawings counterbalance the bold graphics and flat colours of beermats too, in another series of interactions with existing printed matter.


I: davidcullen_art

E: culdavecul@yahoo.co.uk

P: 07534 176 693